I am Aakanksha Gaur, a design student from India. I have very recently
finished my second semester at National Institute of Design, Bangalore
[1] in Information and Interface Design (PG) [2] and have a summer block
of three months free to work on area of my interest.

Since I use open source software daily and I have been wanting to
contribute to Gnome, I thought it would be best for me to get started on
it in this period!

I have recently talked to Ploum about how to go about it and he directed
me to Bertrand to further discuss the design of this feature on
repeating tasks. He also asked me to join the mailing list of Gnome
contributors. While joining the list I was asked to write to the admins
and hence this email.

Upon following the associated threads on this feature [3], and the
design doc which is written by Izidor [4], I have been further reading
about it so I can make an extensive list of use cases which can then be
discussed upon, to further populate a feature set.

I am currently studying and analyzing the following applications on
other platforms for a more detailed understanding of the problem scope
and limitations:

1. Repeating things for Mac
2. Remember the Milk
3. QuickCal
4. Wunderkit Repeating Tasks
5. Automator for Mac

Also, I recently came across the GNOME Women Internship and GSOC
programs and was wondering if I could propose for this in those. But
since I am not a programmer am not sure if I am eligible for GSoC. But I
do believe I can try out for the GNOME Women Internships. I wanted to
know if there is a scope for this there and what would my work entail in
the program. However, my main priority is just to be able to get started
to contributing to Gnome.

Looking forward to your pointers and tips on how to get started!

Kind Regards
Aakanksha Gaur

P.S.: I am also on IRC by the nickname wowsig.

[1] http://www.nid.edu
[3] https://bugs.launchpad.net/gtg/+bug/734622
[4] https://live.gnome.org/gtg/blueprints/repeated_tasks
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