Hi all -

I have a situation in my application where I'd like to do something with an
iterator/treepath that I've just added to the model.  Specifically, I need
to do things like get_cell_area and scroll_to_row in certain instances.  It
seems I am unable to get valid results out of these functions until after
the tree view control has rendered them.  Calling get_cell_area will give
the area of a DIFFERENT cell (ack!) and scroll_to_row will simply do

Is there a way to determine if an iter/treepath has been displayed or could
be displayed (not in the current scrolled area of the treeview)?  I don't
know how else to solve my problem.  Using a timeout works some of the time
but since I cannot accuratly determine if the treepath I have is going to
work with those functions it's more of a bandaid then a solution.

As suggested on the gtkmm list I tried using a cell data function but those
only get called if the cell is in the scrolled view of the tree, which is
not often the case in my application.

Any ideas would be great, thanks!
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