Some time ago I started a draft implementation of a 2D data plotting widget, this is still in the works - but already does the basics (I needed axis independent drawing mechanics basd on tuples which none of the others did provide). So if you want to work on something, patches appreciated, if you need something right now I'd say go for goffice.

On Fri, Feb 6, 2015 at 11:24 PM, zeta <> wrote:
Hi there

I am new on the community, I am a bachelor student at BUAP, I love gome
since I meet it, and know I want to contribute in something, I was
writing an application with gtk and when I want to create some cool
charts I see that there isn't a library for do it, or I don't find one
that has native integration with gtk, so I decide to write one, but
first I want to know If anyone is doing one, or if someone can guide me
where to start, I think that I should do with the gtk draw area widget
and cairo, but I'm not sure.


Miguel Angel
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