In Gtkmm (C++) you can overload the on_draw() function with your own. This might give you a foothold in the on_draw() routine that is called after a redraw event occurs. I guess in GTK you would have to connect a callback function to the "draw" signal. Might help.??


On 2016-11-28 04:50 PM, wrote:
This was one of the first things I did. Debug compilation option, debug
CFLAGS, no stripping - without a change. The backtrace only shows 3
lines, my draw function and two from libc.
The faulty address is not null. But the segfault happens after the
return where all local variables are no longer in scope, and the
addresses of the widget and the cairo context are valid.

On 11/29/16 00:44, Alfonso Arbona Gimeno wrote:

Why don't you link against the debug version of the library so that it
shows you the complete stack?
It will give you some extra clues on why the segfault is happening.

Alfonso Arbona

On November 29, 2016 6:17:05 AM GMT+09:00, wrote:

     For a custom widget I have a draw function. I do some drawing there and
     when I am finished I return FALSE to let the parent draw. Immediately
     after the return statement I get a segfault. gdb's backtrace only shows
     my draw function and an address I cannot associate to any object.
     Are there some general tricks how to debug such errors?

     Kind regards

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