Il Wed, 30 Nov 2016 11:08:13 +1100 Daniel Kasak <> 

> ...
> My normal workflow is to lay things out *roughly* in glade, then
> actually run the app and see what it looks like.
> ...

This is my workflow too, apart the fact that after the first draft
I prefer to edit the XML files directly.

I always had problems with glade on Linux (also with glade 2
and/or with GTK+2) but I never submitted bugs because I'm not
really that interested. If your workflow heavily rely on a GUI
builder, you have 4 options: (1) use glade as is, (2) prepare to
file bugs and wait for the fixes, (3) fix the bugs yourself or (4)
switch to another GUI. You can also push to speed up (2)... but
you are already doing it.

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