Heh-heh, yes that for loop does look better :-)  I'll use that.

Textview is awesome and will save me thousands of lines of code, but not
being able to apply a tag to an iter -- that has been a big drawback for
me.  You can discover a tag at an iter, but only apply/remove it to a
range.  It would be great to be able to apply a style tag at an iter
(including in a blank line) and then have text inserted their use that tag.

One more suggestion for GTK Textview -- this is about the margin and indent
tags.  I found that you can apply those tags anywhere in a line and even
multiple times.  So in a 100-char line, you can have chars 33-45 with an
indent of 100px, and chars 63-88 with an indent of -50px, etc.  And in
addition various left-margins.  When you move the cursor through such a
line, the cursor bounces around like crazy and the line is reformatted back
and forth.  I cannot imagine why anyone would want this.  Such tags should
only apply to whole lines, and only one indent or left-margin tag per
line.  As it is, the applied indent and margin tags are hard to manage and
cause too much trouble.

On Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 11:34 AM, <cecas...@aol.com> wrote:

> Hi Doug,
> I made a bit of a pointer mess there. Not the best of answers or way to go
> about iterating through a list. Looking at some GTK code, this is better
> done with a for loop. As usual, you don't want to move the pointer you get
> from gtk_text_iter_get_tags() and then free it. This will cause you grief
> later on along with buggy code that may not be so easy to debug.
> Very glad you got things working well even with a less than good answer.
> Need to be careful of the pointers myself.
> Eric
>     GSList *tlist=NULL;
>     GSList *p=NULL;
>     tlist=gtk_text_iter_get_tags(&start);
>     g_print("List %p p %p\n", tlist, p);
>     for(p=tlist;p;p=p->next)
>       {
>         gchar *string=NULL;
>         g_object_get(G_OBJECT(p->data), "name", &string, NULL);
>         g_print("p %p %s\n", p, string);
>         g_free(string);
>       }
>     g_print("List %p\n", tlist);
>     if(tlist!=NULL) g_slist_free(tlist);

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