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> I have developed an application using GTK+3.10. What copy-write protection 
> can you (GTK+) provide for me. I have been told that copywrite is free and 
> automatic and that to protect the software from piracy I need sufficient 
> money to prove prior usage in a court of law.  I don't see how the 
> requirement of including my source code in the package will allow for 
> successful commercialisation when someone can just simply copy the 
> source-code.  I have no problems about acknowledging GTK+ for providing the 
> GUI development platform and for helping with problems in coding, etcetera. 
> Without adequate protection this requirement (including the source-code) 
> renders GTK+ useless as far as any kind of commercialisation is concerned, 
> please enlighten me on this matter.

First, do not rely on any legal advice you receive from a mailing list
on the Internet. Get a real lawyer.

Second, it’s “copyright”, not “copywrite”.

Third, GTK+ is licensed under Lesser GPL. You are under no obligation
to disclose your application source code if you are not so inclined,
as long as you keep it possible for the end user to re-link your
application with a modified version of GTK+.

And finally, get a real lawyer.
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