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> I'm trying to make a small application in C using GTK+3 (the latest
> stable). The application is going to have a text field implemented using
> GtkTextView where a user can write text. I also font a user to be able to
> change font, so I've added a font chooser using GtkFontChooserDialog.
> The problem is that I don't know how to actually set the font of a text
> field to the one that a user chose using font chooser. Well, at least not
> using an up-to-date method. I know I can use gtk_widget_override_font(),
> and though it works perfectly, I'd rather not use it since it's deprecated
> function so it's not meant to be used anymore.

The functionality you are describing is present in pretty much every
GTK+3-based text editor, so look at the source of any one of them.

Gedit (as of 3.18.3 as packaged in Ubuntu 16.04) uses
gtk_widget_override_font, and so does Mousepad (as of 0.4.0), and
what’s good for the stock text editors of GNOME and Xfce, is probably
good for you, too.
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