You probably want to ask on gtk-devel-list and gnome-shell-list.

Wayland interfaces need to be implemented by the compositor, and typically
not piecemeal. That KDE interface seems to be a private interface shared
between Plasma and kwin, like the gtk_shell interface is a private
interface between GTK and GNOME Shell; typically what happens is that
toolkit and compositor developers iterate over their requirements and then
propose the addition of functionality to the xdg_shell shared interface.

You could ask the gnome-shell developers to expose a similar functionality
in the gtk_shell interface, and then GTK would be able to consume it; but
that requires coordination between GNOME Shell and GTK releases.


On Tue, 2 Oct 2018 at 11:13, Gerald Nunn via gtk-app-devel-list <> wrote:

> With respect to window positioning in Wayland, I was wondering if mutter
> supports a Wayland extension to position windows similar to what
> PlasmaShell does. Keep in mind I'm not very familiar with Wayland, however
> looking at the Wayland protocol definition for PlasmaShell it looks like
> they have this here:
> Looking at the similar file for gtk-shell I don't see anything similar:
> I have a lot of people asking me for Wayland support of quake mode in Tilix
> where the terminal emulator sticks at the top or bottom of the screen.
> Without being able to explicitly position the window this isn't possible.
> Someone pointed me to Yuakake which seems to do it by integrating with the
> PlasmaShell Wayland extension from what I can tell.
> Thanks,
> Gerald
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