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If this question should be raised on another list, please let me know.

I have been developing a C-language GTK+ 2.0 application for MS Windows 10 
using mingw 
cross-compilation on Linux, and deploying it by installing the Windows GTK+ 2.0 
bundle on the Windows machine.

The procedure was: on Linux development machine, unzip the gtk Windows bundle 
in a directory 
with the C source, set up a Makefile with the appropriate CFLAGS and LDFLAGS, 
'make mingw' 
and deploy the EXE. This procedure suited my development style.

Do I now need to port to GTK+ 3?
Is MSYS2 now the best/only way to deploy the dependencies to Windows?
Using the binaries available through MSYS2/pacman, can I still develop on Linux 
and deploy 
mingw executables to Windows?
Can anyone point me to a guide for doing that?

Thank you
John Mills
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