I am in the process of porting our application to make use of the GtkEventController API provided in GTK3.24.

I am having some trouble understanding how the event propagation works. Consider a simple application with this structure:

      Custom container

I have created a GtkEventControllerMotion for both the toplevel GtkWindow and the custom container, with all 3 motion events connected. The propagation phase for each is GTK_PHASE_CAPTURE.

However I only ever receive events destined for the GtkWindow, motion/enter/leave events for the custom container are never received. Now, if I create the GtkEventControllerMotion for the GtkScrolledWindow, the custom container receives the proper motion events along with the GtkWindow.

Why is this? Is there something I need to correct in my custom container implementation? Using the "old" way of doing things (connecting motion/enter/leave-notify to the widget itself) works fine.


Eric Williams
Software Engineer - Eclipse/SWT Team
Red Hat
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