My initialization of the destination widget is as such:

 GtkTargetList* target_list = gtk_target_list_new(NULL, 0);

 gtk_target_list_add_image_targets(target_list, 0 /* ALL_IMAGES */,
 gtk_target_list_add_uri_targets(target_list, 1 /* TEXT_URI */) ;

 gtk_drag_dest_set(GTK_WIDGET(gui.event_dropbox), 0, NULL, 0,
 gtk_drag_dest_set_track_motion(GTK_WIDGET(gui.event_dropbox), TRUE);

Doing so, if I DND text from within the application it tracks motion in the
`drag-motion` event, but doesn't seem to invoke this signal at all
when dealing with files from the desktop. It invokes all other signals as
expected, beside `drag-motion` and `drag-leave`.

I am very exhausted from trying to figure this out, so maybe some of you


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