Hi Gergely,

> So if you change your handler’s return type from `void` to `gboolean`
> and return `FALSE` if the lisp thingy doesn’t understand your key, it
> will be automatically propagated to the next handler (which, hopefully,
> will insert your "a" key.

Thanks for the tip.  Indeed, I had missed that.

That said, the current situation is a little more complex because the call to
Lisp is _asynchronous_.  Which means that I can only know the answer from the
callback of the Soup request, not within the key-press handler.  In the Soup
callback, the key press event is gone, hence my need to synthesize a new one.

I have successfully managed to synthesize a key-press event in a dummy program.
In the above scenario, it fails seemingly because it happens from within a Soup
callback.  Maybe Libsoup uses different threads, which causes threading issue
when manipulating GTK widgets?

I also tried to synthesize the key event from another callback started in a
g_idle_add() in the Soup callback, to no avail.
g_main_context_invoke() seems to make no difference.


Pierre Neidhardt
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