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> I am working with OpenJDK JavaFX dev group and we are facing some problems
> with drag and drop functionality with gtk3.20 or later. You can have a look
> at the bug for more information
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8211302. It will be great if
> someone can point out any big change done with respect to drag and drop
> from gtk3.20.

First of all, it's kind of rude to ask people to go to a random bug tracker
and ask for a code review without stating what the issue is.

Can you explain what issues are you experiencing?

> I am looking for a sample/demo for drag and drop functionality using gtk3.
> I can see that there is one demo at [1], but it is not compatible with gtk3
> as it is using gtk4 specific structs and functions. I am not able to find
> any other working demo/sample working with gtk3. It would be great if
> anyone can point to me to something useful.

The drag and drop code in GTK 3 hasn't really changed from the 2.x days,
and has been substantially reworked for GTK 4.

The old drag and drop tutorial may be of help:


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