Hello guys!

While I was developing my application I just wished that I had more control
on the way GtkSourceMarks render (yes, I am using the GtkSourceViewModule)
GTK+ is amazing in all aspects. Including the sources. So I ask you, who
know GTK+ sources better, could you please provide me with some

Since GtkSourceGutter, GtkSourceGutterRenderer, GtkSourceMark and
GtkSourceMarkAttributes is all coded up so that size of the pixbuf in the
gutter solely depends on the size of the font. I would like to subclass it
and override the rendering signal so that it uses custom sizes.

Could you tell me what function in what source file I had to change to do
I hope it will be as simple as subclassing on GtkSourceMark and changing a
line or two in the draw signal, because I don't have much time to be honest
and I am attempting now to be time-efficient.
Thanks in advance.

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