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> Also if a native Gtk+ OS X framework were available people who are
> maintaining Gtk+ apps would have the option to extend their user base
> to OS X quite quickly.

All it requires to use it is to build the GTK stack yourself using the
instructions provided (i wish the instructions had not been moved away
from gnome.org, but they are still easy to find). I should put "all"
in quotes because if you choose to follow bleeding edge GTK then you
will find that maintaining your built version can be quite a lot of
work in the face of breakages and changes in many different parts of
the stack. This is not true (or at least, it is MUCH less true) if you
use a recent release version (there are instructions on how to do that
included in the gtk osx build info).

I do not believe that using a pre-built GTK OS X framework is
desirable for users or developers. Include GTK as part of your app
bundle. Its not hard to do and gives you complete control over which
version of GTK is used by your app. We do this for Ardour (and now
Mixbus) (screenshots at http://ardour.org/ and
http://mixbus.harrisonconsoles.com/). Users download a single app, and
run it. No framework installation or maintainance.

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