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> (I resend this email because the first one awaits moderator approval
> since a few days, because I was not subscribed to the list when I sent it)
> Hi,
> we at Tails (tails.boum.org) are currently working on adding support for
> TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt volumes in udisks and GNOME Disks (see also the
> corresponding thread on devkit-devel [1]). A team mate will also send an
> email regarding this to GNOME UX people in the next days, so you won't
> see any code from us implementing a GUI design that they have not
> accepted. I'm stating this so you can ignore the GUI design implications
> for now.
> Beside other things, we also want to support unlocking via the GVfs
> udisks volume monitor, which automatically prompts the user to unlock
> encrypted volumes once they are plugged in. In order to fully support
> TC/VC volumes, the unlock dialog shown to the user must allow specifying
> several other options than only the password, namely: keyfiles required
> to unlock the file, a PIM value [2], and whether the volume is a hidden
> volume, a system volume, or neither.

Doesn't sound like the greatest user experience, having to specify
a ton of arcane details like that...

> The work on this part turned out more complicated than we anticipated.
> The unlock dialog is not created by the GVfs monitor directly, but by
> GtkMountOperation, which in turn calls
> org.gtk.MountOperationHandler.AskPassword, which is part of GNOME Shell,
> and which then finally creates the ShellMountPasswordDialog (please
> correct me if I got anything wrong).
> This means that we will have to patch a lot more, and more low-level
> GNOME components than we anticipated, and we would like to ask for
> advice on what the best way to solve this would be.
> The only way I see is to extend GtkMountOperation (and GMountOperation)
> by fields for the additional options, and create new flags in
> GAskPasswordFlags, which can be passed down from GVfs to
> ShellMountPasswordDialog. This could be a single "VeraCrypt-mode" flag,
> or a separate flag for each of the required options I listed above.
> Do you see a better way?
If you could describe the required data a bit more, it might be possible to
figure out
if we can describe this in a somewhat concise way - it sounds like you need
to add
a file chooser button, an entry and a combobox ?
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