Hi Team,

This is Komal Chhabra, a Team Lead from centralized license management team of 
ExxonMobil known as Software Asset Management[previously known as ITAM. The 
Software Asset Management group at ExxonMobil exists in large part to steward 
software license compliance

We are contacting you to get few details for product gobject-introspection 
Version 1 :

1.       Under which agreement it falls under: MIT , GPL or LPGL ?

2.       Could you please provide us the ECCN number for this software

              If you do not have your software classified with an ECCN, please 
kindly answer the following questions so that we may self-assess if there may 
be any prohibition or restriction for export or re-export of this product.

             1, Does the Software perform any encryption or utilize any 
encryption processes?  Y/N
             2. If the answer is YES to question 1, please indicate if the 
encryption is coded into the application or separately called (such as using 
             3. If the answer is YES to question 1, please indicate what 
function(s) the cryptography/encryption serves

            A, Copyright protection purposes (Includes using a license key/code)
            B, User authentication purposes
           C, A core part of the functionality such as to encrypt databases
           D, To encrypt communications between the software and a host system.

         Background information:
         An Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is a specific 
alpha-numeric code that identifies the level of export control for items e.g. 
software that are exported from member states of the Wassenaar Arrangement, 
including the United States. After obtaining the ECCN, the exporter must 
determine  whether an export license is required

Waiting for your kind acknowledgment.


Komal Chhabra
New Products & Complex Team
EMIT | IT OPS | Customer Infrastructure | WDS | SAM

HCL Technologies Ltd.
(CIN: L74140DL1991PLC046369)
10th Floor, ODC-IV, Software Tower 6, Sector 126
Noida SEZ, Uttar Pradesh - 201301, India
Email : komal.chha...@em-msph.com<mailto:komal.chha...@em-msph.com>


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