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-At this point, it is possible to run with the GL GSK renderer while
forcing EGL/GLES (i.e., setting GDK_DEBUG=gl-gles).  I saw shader
compilation errors for both blur.fs.glsl and color_matrix.fs.glsl on
both EGL/ANGLE, as well as running with the X11 backend on Ubuntu
18.04 (the 'f' suffix for floats which are not allowed on GLSL 1.00;
unresolved overloading of max() in blur.fs.glsl, invalid
casts/conversions of int vs float).

There were some fixes for that just recently. The status is that anything other than GL3+ (or "whatever my PC at home uses") is effectively untested. I made the ES renderer work at some point but fonts were still broken if I
remember correctly.

- Timm
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