So it seems that GTK external modules support in GTK+ will be
deprecated in 4.x branch.

I guess it seems feasible because aside from global menubar guys, it
seems to me that there aren't so many active external modules.

Well, there's at least another useful one, plotinus, a blessing
command palettes module that let *all menu item positioning disputes
quietly die* while at the same time enhancing usability of all gtk+

In general, do I understand correctly or what does it go with this
removal is the chance to globally modify gtk+ behaviour without
forking and continuously patching the toolkit unless you get to import
your changes upstream?
Emmanuele wrote this in one of this posts in this bug tracker

>You get to do what everyone else does: engage with the upstream community, 
>interact with the maintainers and designers, and try to outline your intent. 
>If you get to convince them, good: the toolkit gets a supported feature, and 
>applications get to use it, and test it, properly.

In practice, doesn't this mean additional work for the app developers
that want to integrate features like command palettes in their apps
without waiting that upstream takes its time to decide whether the
feature deserves to be integrated in the toolkit?

Sticking to plotinus, I like a lot what it does and I get to use it
*for free* in the applications I've written installing it alongside
the app and loading it at runtime, when the user didn't already
globally installed by himself:
in that case I got support for it out of the box without writing a
single extra line.

So, when (and now if) I will port my app to gtk4 I will have to
explicitly replicate a command palette inside my app; so probably it
won't get it because, well, there are more important things when you
have deadlines.

If I get it right, it seems to me that this external modules
suppression will in theory slow down innovation coming from external
developers; not that it seriously happened in many cases, but I can
say that  I wouldn't have lobbied for
 command palettes if I didn't get to use them in the first place and
that *wouldn't have been possible without modules*, apparently.

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