Hi -

I've got a GTK+ 2 "external" widget (gtkdatabox from gtkdatabox.sf.net)
that isn't displaying right after I've patched it to compile with

The relevant code in the older version was:

widget->style = gtk_style_attach (widget->style, widget->window);

which we changed to:

gtk_widget_set_style (widget, gtk_style_attach (gtk_widget_get_style
(widget), window));

...and now the background color doesn't display right on an application
(xoscope from xoscope.sf.net) that loads style from an "rc" file using

I don't understand GTK+ internals well enough to understand why.  If I take
this line of code out completely, the background displays correctly, but
colored lines in other applications (the gtkdatabox examples) don't display.

The solution I've got at the moment (other than convert the entire widget
library and application to GTK+ 3) is to compile the widget without
GSEAL_ENABLED and go back to the older code.

Can somebody who knows GTK+ 2 well help me out?  Any idea what's causing
this and how to fix it?


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