To introduce myself, I only am using Gtk for 3 years, but really like the infrastructure / people / open source surrounding Gtk. I am sometimes seen as 'theGtknerd'.

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The GTK project would have various sub-topics, mostly around development with and of GTK. Having a better archive search, a better moderation system, and a decent web UI are the major selling points for switching to Discourse. The fact that the project is also open source is neatly aligned with our values.
Let me ask a poignant question, was moderation ever a problem with mailing lists?

Are there any objections? Did somebody already try out Discourse and has opinions about it that they want to share with the community?
I have a computer that is email only for work (no web browser for several personal reasons). I could no longer be a part of the Gtk responders as far as I can see. Now, I am not objecting, I am just stating one scenario to consider before switching.

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