On 01.03.2019 20:17, Neil McGovern wrote:
> On Fri, 2019-03-01 at 19:52 +0300, LRN via gtk-devel-list wrote:
>> On 01.03.2019 18:41, Emmanuele Bassi via gtk-devel-list wrote:
>>> Feedback is very much appreciated.
>> Need moar tags!
> Tag suggestions welcome :)

Well, what i mean is that i'd like to be able to be notified of topics that are
relevant to me, and one way to do that is to allow topics to be tagged and
allow people to subscribe to tags. Kind of like issues on gitlab are tagged,
which allows me to be notified only of Windows-related issues. Unless the
amount of new topics will be modest (kind of like gtk-devel-list right now), in
which case i'd probably manage by just sorting out the new topics manually (i'm
definitely going to use the email notification thing).

Also, related: if i watch a topic, do i get email notifications for each
message? If not, i'd have to enable the ML mode. Also, email notifications are
issued once per topic, right? So, if the topic subject changes (like how an
email thread can split by changing the topic), i won't be notified?

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