Being used to Desktop Korn Shell (DTKSH) with the Digital Unix Common Desktop Environment, I wonder if something similar can be created for GTK? Would it not be nice to have a scripting language which is also capable of creating graphical user interfaces?

Such a 'shell' could be distributed as part of GTK, and could have a similar syntax as, say, BASH. So where ever GTK is installed, the user always has the possibility of writing a quick script which produces a GUI. If distributed with GTK it will not be dependent to any desktop, as is the case with DTKSH.

To fill this lack of such a shell I created a small tool which I called GTK-server (www.gtk-server.org). It is an attempt to provide interpreted GUI programming with use of GTK widgets.

But again, I'ld rather see a complete standalone solution, part of GTK. Are there any plans to create such a thing? Or has somebody already programmed a graphical GTK shell?


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