>> is this an AA canvas? how are you drawing the grid?
>Yes, AA canvas.
>I have a variable that controls how wide (in pixels) each grid square
>should be.  I start at the world's mininum x and increment to the
>world's maximum x, drawing a line from the world's mininum y to the
>maximum y (for vertical lines).  And repeat for horizontal lines.

i can't give you very specific advice, but i do know that in my use of
the canvas (i still use the back-ported GtkCanvas) i ended up writing
a canvas_simpleline item which renders only horizontal and vertical
lines, rather than the multipoint/antialiased lines that libart_gpl is
capable of. it helped speed up related issues. i don't know if it
would help you. the source is in CVS at
http://ardour.org/download.html (see the viewcvs link; in

i did the same for canvas-simplerect, which is very much faster than
the rect item that comes with the canvas.

my canvas is UINT32_MAX x UINT32_MAX although it is rarely filled much.


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