Well, I for one would welcome something equivalent to DtKsh.
Perl is *not* an equivalent or better "substitute" for Ksh or Bash. 
So, in response to you question, yes, it would be nice to have a
GTK+ based "DtKsh". Problem is finding the time to do it or
convencing someone else to take up the cause. One feature 
of ksh that would be of great use towards your goal would be
the support that ksh provides for linking to shared objects.
You could create a shared library with hooks to Gtk+. There
may be better ways to go about it but that might be a start. Also,
Jeffery Korn (David's Son), did an implementation of ksh with
support for Tk, called Tksh. It was a very interesting idea but
I think I don't think he has done any recent work on it. You
might query him about it to see what it would take to bring it
up to date with the latest releases of Tk.


On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 00:18:44 +0100, Peter van Eerten
> Hi,
> Being used to Desktop Korn Shell (DTKSH) with the Digital Unix Common
> Desktop Environment, I wonder if something similar can be created for
> GTK? Would it not be nice to have a scripting language which is also
> capable of creating graphical user interfaces?
> Such a 'shell' could be distributed as part of GTK, and could have a
> similar syntax as, say, BASH. So where ever GTK is installed, the user
> always has the possibility of writing a quick script which produces a
> GUI. If distributed with GTK it will not be dependent to any desktop, as
> is the case with DTKSH.
> To fill this lack of such a shell I created a small tool which I called
> GTK-server (www.gtk-server.org). It is an attempt to provide interpreted
> GUI programming with use of GTK widgets.
> But again, I'ld rather see a complete standalone solution, part of GTK.
> Are there any plans to create such a thing? Or has somebody already
> programmed a graphical GTK shell?
> Peter
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