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> I don't think the theme is necessarily to blame.  Something changed in
> GTK 3.22, and Eclipse happened to find these issues.  This is likely a
> regression in GTK.
> From my (limited) understanding, the theme API was supposed to be
> frozen as of 3.20.  Even if this is a theme problem, that would mean
> this is still a regression in GTK (because frozen APIs are not supposed
> to be changed).

Until 3.22 the API was supposed to change between stable release. It was
always that way. Now the scheme was changed and there will be stable APIs
for longer periods.

But in 3.22 is responsibility of users of GTK (eclipse in this case) to
modify their software to apply API changes. It's looks like a distro issue
rather a GTK issue. Arch (I use Arch) should offer no break packages due to

I'm just an user of Gnome and Arch. Is my humble opinion.

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