Thanks for the reply Emmanuele. If I'm understanding correctly what you're 
saying, I don't think the blurriness is from pixelation, e.g. turning a 16px 
icon into a 2x scaled and pixelated 32px icon. If you take a look at the two 
screenshots, most noticeably the the NetworkManager Wifi icon, you'll see that 
the blurriness isn't from pixelation that would be caused be 2x scaling an 
icon. It was properly scaled before I set the GDK_SCALE and GDK_DPI_SCALE 
environment variables. It looks to me that GDK_SCALE and GDK_DPI_SCALE are 
causing the tray icons to double in size again, then they get smashed and 
blurred. I'm not sure if the tray applications I've tested this on are to blame 
or if GTK3 is to blame. Like I said, the tray looks fine, as seen in the 
screenshot, without the environment variables. But I need the environment 
variables to make the GTK applications themselves, such as nautilus or evince, 
to scale correctly for HiDPI.

Best Regards,
Daniel Anderson

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The tray icon specification was written long before HiDPI was ever a twinkle in 
some engineer's eye, and has never supported scale factor negotiation. 
Additionally, icon sizes are pretty much hard coded by applications, so even if 
there were a way to specify multiple icons for different tray sizes or scaling 
factors, you would very likely still get blurry icons anyway.

Those are, incidentally, a few of the reasons why GTK deprecated GtkStatusIcon 
in the 3.0 API series - the other, major one being that Wayland does not have 
any additional protocol to define tray icons with menus and actions attached to 



On Friday, 14 October 2016, Dankles <> wrote:

I'm having an issue with blurry tray icons using HiDPI GTK3. I've read to set 
GDK_SCALE=2 and GDK_DPI_SCALE=0.5 to get proper hidpi in GTK3 applications. 
This works and makes the GTK3 applications scale correctly, except for the tray 
icons. The tray icons actually scale fine without those environment variables 
set. One other HiDPI tweak I have set is "xrandr --dpi 192", otherwise programs 
like Xterm, dmenu and the WM won't scale.

Here are some screenshots:
- Without GDK_SCALE=2 and GDK_DPI_SCALE=0.5:
I get good tray icons with some unscaled menu text. GTK3 applications 
themselves don't scale properly as expected.
- With GDK_SCALE=2 and GDK_DPI_SCALE=0.5:
You can see blurry tray icons, but with properly scaled menu text. GTK3 
applications scale as expected.

It seems to me like GDK_SCALE=2 and GDK_DPI_SCALE=0.5 is causing the already 
scaled tray icons to scale again. Is there something I can do to fix this? Is 
it a bug?

I'm running gtk 3.22.1 on arch linux. I'm using i3-wm, but I've seen this same 
issue on xmonad with trayer and on budgie desktop too for non-indicator tray 
icons. I'll also note that everything scales fine in gnome desktop on my 
hardware which is a Dell XPS 13 9350.

Best Regards,
Daniel A.

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