I have a slightly weird situation. I have two widgets that are both
eventboxes, and I'm trying to make it possible to drag what I call a tile
widget into a column. Basically, think I'm dragging a box from one column
to another.

My issue is I can now drag one tile to a column to get drag data from the
drag source; however, I need the parent window to be made aware of this
drag because it contains an information store that tells me about where
each tile is located within the column widges.

Long story short: I can drag a tile from one column to another. When I do,
the column's drag data received function tells me the id of the tile I just
dragged to it. I need this information (the drag source and drag dest) to
propagate up to the parent Gtk window so it can handle performing the
desired modification.

Is there a good way through Gtk for my window to catch the interaction
between its children?

Sorry if this seems kind of convoluted, my program is kind of a mess but it
works and I'm waiting until it has all the features I want to clean things

Thanks for any help you can give!

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