Hi everyone,

I am a GSoC student participating this year from wxWidgets. The aim of my
project is to implement an API for 3 multi-touch gestures (pan, zoom and
rotate) for 3 major platforms (windows, linux and macOS). Understanding the
features provided by windows and macOS wasn't hard at all (even though I
was not familiar with Win32 and Cocoa). On gtk+, I find it difficult to
understand the gesture API
So, my question is where do I need to look to implement an API for the
above mentioned gestures in gtk+ ?
I looked at the "gestures and event handling guide" by gtk but that didn't
help me much. Also, there are few questions that I want to ask someone who
is familiar with gestures in gtk+ and willing to help me.

1> There is something called the expected pan gesture direction that we
have to set before receiving the pan gesture. Now, what if we want to
receive it for all 4 directions ?
3> Is it possible to know the position of pan gesture i.e. position of the
finger in action ?
2> Is it possible to get the center of the zoom gesture ?
3> After we receive some gesture , Is it possible to know if it a starting
of the gesture ?

I would really feel relieved if anyone provides me any help. Thank you in
- prashant
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