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> Hello,
> I'm making a Python3 powered project which opens whenever someone opens
> their computer (assume Linux-Debain based) and asks them some details. The
> user should not be allowed to use the computer without giving the details.
> The project is based on GTK3 and is for Debian based OS. I need help in the
> following-
> How can I make the application modal? That is, make sure that the user
> cannot access any thing in desktop without giving the details (the
> application is a compulsory one, thus one should not be able to close or
> minimise it).
> I researched on this a bit and found the answers leading to Desktop
> Managers. But I'm stuck how to start with them using Python. So need some
> help here.
> Thank You
> J. Arun Mani

The easiest way I can see to do this is to have your computer set up to
auto-login ( eg maybe something along the lines of
) ... and then have it start X automatically ... but with a ~/.xinitrc that
launches *just* your python app, instead of a window manager. Then if the
user has done what's needed, you'd have your app launch a window manager.
I'd do it like this because once a window manager is running, you don't
have a reliable way of preventing users from escaping your app. Maybe there
is a better way?

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