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Discourse is a forum software that has multiple ways to access it: web,
native apps, and email. It's not a mailing list software with a web

The interesting (to me) parts are:

 - 2FA instead of Mailman's plaintext password
 - real moderation tools, that can scale with the community and encourage
civility and code of conduct compliant behaviour
 - anti-spam measures
 - open source software (kind of a pre-requisite)
 - good UI for reading and replying to topics

The Fedora (Silverblue) and Ubuntu communities already use Discourse, for
instance; the SDL community also does.


On Wed, 6 Feb 2019 at 12:46, Emmanuele Bassi <> wrote:

> [Cross-posted to various relevant mailing lists; please, reply to
> gtk-devel-list]
> As part of an attempt at making GTK more friendly to newcomers, I and
> other core developers were thinking of moving the mailing lists from the
> current mailman installation to Discourse:
> Possibly still hosted on GNOME infrastructure, depending on the
> requirements for our sysadmins.
> The GTK project would have various sub-topics, mostly around development
> with and of GTK. Having a better archive search, a better moderation
> system, and a decent web UI are the major selling points for switching to
> Discourse. The fact that the project is also open source is neatly aligned
> with our values.
> Are there any objections? Did somebody already try out Discourse and has
> opinions about it that they want to share with the community?
> Ciao,
>  Emmanuele.
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