Hi Andres, in my application cherrytree I give the user the possibility to
have so called code boxes ( http://giuspen.com/cherrytreemanual/#_codebox )
so in between rich text you can have a syntax highlighted code box.
This is very appreciated from the end users and it's a pity that gtk3 does
not seem to support it while gtk2 did.

On Wed, 13 Feb 2019, 10:53 Andres Fernandez <and...@softwareperonista.com.ar

> El jue., 7 de feb. de 2019 04:42, Giuseppe Penone via gtk-list <
> gtk-list@gnome.org> escribió:
>> The problem happens only building for GTK3; building the exact same code
>> for GTK2 works fine.
>> In the code, posted to
>> ://stackoverflow.com/questions/54529359/gtkmm-3-text-view-anchored-in-text-view-cannot-get-cursor-inside
>> <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54529359/gtkmm-3-text-view-anchored-in-text-view-cannot-get-cursor-inside>
>> , I'm having a text view anchored into another text view. The problem is
>> that even if I mouse click, I cannot have the cursor move inside the nested
>> text view to write text. The cursor can instead easily get into the
>> anchored text entry just below.
> I'm trying to understand what are you nesting two GtkTextView. What are
> trying to get? I mean, GtkTextView is meant to show text from a buffer not
> to contain another widget.
> Is there no other desing that fit better with the porpuse of those widget
> but still giving you something near to your original idea?
> Regards,
> Andrés Fernández
> Software Peronista
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