I'm trying to add Super+C, Super+V and Super+X bindings to my GTK apps. I
use Gnome 3.30 on Ubuntu 18.10. I create simple gtk theme for keys:

@binding-set SuperBindings {
    bind "<Super>x" { "cut-clipboard" () };
    bind "<Super>v" { "paste-clipboard" () };
    bind "<Super>c" { "copy-clipboard" () };

entry {
  -gtk-key-bindings: SuperBindings;

textview {
  -gtk-key-bindings: SuperBindings;

label {
  -gtk-key-bindings: SuperBindings;

And set it via 'gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-key-theme

Theme is working, if I use Alt instead of Super - everything work fine in
all applications. If I use Super - my keybindings work only in FF, which, I
guess, read them from gtk and apply by itself. Why Super don't work and how
can I fix it? Shortcuts with Super works perfectly when added via interface
or gsettings system-wide (e.g. change desktops) and in GTK apps (e.g. in
gnome-terminal). So system read Super and applications can handle it
correctly. I've tried Meta, Mod4 and Hyper instead of Super - nothing works.

I think, it's a bug in GTK3, but may be I'm wrong. What can I do to fix it?
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