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Hi Damon,

The thing is that Adwaita is now the default theme for GTK+3.x.  The win32 theme, though, as it is not maintained much nowadays, should not be used unless one is intending to make it up-to-date.
I don't really have to have win32, I just want a light weight theme that
doesn't override what I specify for size.

The reason why you don’t see it in your installation is that the Adwaita theme files are built directly into the GTK DLL via GResources (see the gtk.gresource.xml that is generated during the build).

That is what I was beginning to suspect.

Unfortunately I can’t help very much on the theme part nor CSS (which is what is used to create the GTK themes), but it might help to post a link to the screenshots that you might have which you think is problematic for you and any gtkrc (or so, I may be wrong on this) that you might be using.
glade, default, win32
Top left is glade and is what I expect program output to be.  Top middle is 
default theme
and top right is win32 theme.
In the second row I have overridden the default "width in chars" for the entry 
for both themes.  The main problem I have is that it seems all the themes I have
tried this far are imposing minimum sizes that are unacceptable. In a post to 
this list
in 2017 subject: Re: How to get a "traditional" file-chooser
one person said it far better than I could with "Screen space is a premium, a pretty 
UI is not".

I really want to move forward with Gtk3 and I don't object to making adjustments
to get that goal.  Is there a global way to stop Gtk3 and its themes from 
making any
changes to the sizes specified in the Glade file?  At this point I am guessing 
answer is no.  So I see that probably have to find a theme that doesn't change 
or learning how to customize a theme.  Does anyone know of a theme that doesn't
have this size modifying behavior?

Note for Adwaita to work fully, you need the adwaita-icon-themes package installed at the right place, and you would likely need librsvg (specifically, the GDK-Pixbuf svg loader that comes with librsvg, which clearly will depend on the librsvg DLL).
I am using msys2 on Windows 10.  I believe that the msys2 installer along with
|pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-gtk3|
|got all I need.   I see a tree under C:\msys64\mingw64\share\icons\Adwaita|
Hope this helps
It does.  Many thanks.

Damon Register
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