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> Nobody involved with the development of GTK even reads this list,
> except me,

I had that impression in the last 6 years, thanks for confirming.

My conclusion was, that nearly no one was working on or with GTK any
more. Because it is really hard to imagine that someone still
interested in GTK not even read this list. (OK, for giants like Donald
E. Knuth one would be not surprised, I once heard that he switched off
email totally) I have asked google about GTK a few times in the last
years, what I found was basically: Some blog post about you (I think it
was that you have no much hope for Vala, I do agree), something about a
woman from south America who was working for a few weeks on a game
sponsored by GSOC, and some notes from someone like Carlsen, but I can
not remember. So I have not yet investigated that Discourse mentioned
recently on this list, maybe I should do?

GTK has some justification still as it can be used from many
programming languages easily. I guess you know my GTK3 Nim bindings


It is not perfect yet, and was some work to do. And I think that
bindings for C++, Python and Rust are fine. Bindings for other
languages like Ruby, Haskell, D-Lang, Crystal exists basically. 

And while most people would prefer Qt GUI creating bindings for other
languages seems to be really hard, due to C++ classes, templates, MOC
and all that. Qt may be fine when one is using C++, and someone told me
that at least Python wrapper is not that bad, and I think I saw some
basic Crystal bindings recently. But generally creating complete,
bugfree high level Qt bindings is very very hard or at least very very
much work. So I have not much hope for excellent Qt support for all the
interesting new languages which appeared in the recent years.

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