I'm working in a cross-platform game and got in a point that i have to
create a configuration file, that should be written in right place for
each platform.

This game previous uses SDL 1.2, I do a lot of working and port it to
SDL 2. In SDL2 there's `SDL_GetPrefPath` that looks good at least
until i see it's output (Linux):

I was expecting something like this (Linux):

So i started a search for a lightweight, well-known, cross-platform
friend library that can do the work and got almost nothing.

In my search i got two ways not lightweight, that should do the job:
 - boost::filesystem
 - Qt

and seeing Qt, I can't forget Gtk/Gdk/Gio/Glib.

Glib can do this work and more! e.g. i'm using `cxxopts` to parse
command line options (i can replace with glib), i do a lot of string
manipulation that glib can simplify.

my real questions is: does glib worth the new dependency in my game?
does glib is cross-platform friend?

Thanks in anyway and sorry for my english.
Victor Aurélio Santos
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