I am getting annoying G_IS_ObJECT warnings when I have a cell_data_function

my $cellfunc1=$widgete{controlview}->get_column(1)->get_cells;
    $widgete{controlview}->get_column(1)->set_cell_data_func ($cellfunc1,
sub {
        my ($column, $cell, $model, $iter,$cellfunc1) = @_;
        my $path=$model->get_path($iter);
        my $row= $path->get_indices;
       if ($row==0){
        #return 0

If I have the line about $cell->set_property('has-entry',0); it the throws
the above warning about gobject

If I change it to 1 it doesnt trigger the warning

(the changed signal opens a file selector dialog and the warning appears

As there appears to be no other way to toggle the 'has-entry' property
(removing it gives an error or is simply ignored anywhere else), is there a
way to mute this

It has no effect on the program, its just annoying
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