Overview of changes in Gnome2-Canvas 1.003 [2020-09-23]

* META.yml: tweak file to fix problems with using 'cpanm' to install module;
  Moved 'Gtk2' from 'requires:' to 'configure_requires:'; Set the 'version:'
  string to the current module version, instead of 'unknown'; both of these
  changes fix RT#127878
* Updated FSF address in all files that have it; this closes RT#111436

Gnome2-Canvas is available via CPAN, or as a tarball from Sourceforge:


Or view the source in the Gtk-Perl git repo:


The Gnome2::Canvas module allows a Perl developer to use the
GnomeCanvas widget with Gtk2-Perl.  Find out more about Gnome+ at

Like the Gtk2 module on which it depends, Gnome2::Canvas follows the C
API of libgnomecanvas-2.0 as closely as possible while still being
perlish.  Thus, the C API reference remains the canonical
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