Overview of changes in Glib::IO 0.002 [2021-06-24]

* Fix examples in SYNOPSIS section in doc
* Add 'Test::More' as a TestRequires dependency
* RT#134851 Generate files for file-enumerator.t; thanks to Michal Josef
Špaček for the patch
* renamed: perl-Glib-IO.doap -> perl-glib-io.doap

Glib::IO is available via CPAN, or as a tarball from Sourceforge:


Or view the source in the Gtk-Perl git repo:


This module requires these other modules and libraries:

 perl >= 5.8.0
 Glib::Object::Introspection >= 0.014 (Perl module)
 gio-2.0 (C library and prerequisites)

Glib::IO provides Perl bindings to the GIO library.
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