I hear there isn't a windows installer yet for ghc-6.10.4. I did a
gtk2hs build for ghc-6.10.4 something I'm working on. If it's useful to
anyone until the proper build is done then it's here:

I warn that I've not tested it much beyond checking that the packages
register with ghc-pkg and load in ghci.

It's minimal in the sense that it only includes glib, cairo and gtk,
none of the other packages. It doesn't include docs or demos. It does
have ghci and profiling libs though.

The current win32 build scripts are a little flakey. In particular after
the install fails at line 55:

cp -a $PREFIX/* ${INSTALL_CLIBS_DIR} || exit 1

This is because $PREFIX does not exist, because we never install to
$PREFIX, only to the $DESTDIR.

In fact I've no idea how that line is supposed to work. There's no
setting in the file (or .conf file) anywhere for the location of the gtk
C libs. I see no reason they should be at $PREFIX.

Anyway, after doing the last install steps manually and updating the
gtk2hs.iss for ghc-6.10.4 and gtk2hs-0.10.1 then it all works ok.

By the way, it would be jolly useful to Windows users to continue to
post the gtk bundles like we used to do:

Those are the bundles produced by the scripts in tools/win32. The -dev
version is needed to build gtk2hs from source while the non-dev version
is the useful one for users because that's what you need to make
deployable gtk2hs apps, like:

I'm slightly suspicious of the current tools/win32/ I
appreciate that it takes advantage of the gtk bundle zip file that the
gtk people provide now. However, unfortunately they only provide a
bundle for one version, the latest version. So if you run the scripts
right now you find the download fails because the older bundle file
doesn't exist any more. The older version of the download script was
more verbose because it had to download individual packages however it
was reproducible. The combination of not posting the bundles used to
generate the windows installer and not being able to reproduce them
oneself makes it rather hard to make a deployable gtk2hs app. The
solution is to prepare a fresh gtk bundle oneself and build gtk2hs using
it, which on windows has always been a bit of a trial.

Sorry if this all sounds like a stream of complaints! :-) I hope some of
it is useful.


ps. I noticed on the development page of the website and in the AUTHORS
file I'm still listed as a maintainer! :-) I've fixed both.

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