On Sat, 2010-03-13 at 18:31 +0100, Axel Simon wrote:
> Dear all,
> this is a first announcement of cabal packages for Gtk2Hs. This is  
> meant for all those who can spare five minutes to check the packages  
> and to improve them. You need to download the following:
> gtk2hs-buildtools-0.9.tar.gz
> cairo-0.10.5.tar.gz
> glib-0.10.5.tar.gz
> pango-0.10.5.tar.gz
> gtk-0.10.5.tar.gz
> from http://www2.in.tum.de/~simona/ . Then install the packages in the  
> given order. The first package will install some executables that are  
> needed for the other packages. Make sure that they land somewhere in  
> your PATH.

When I try to download any of them, I get errors such as: "You don't
have permission to access /~simona/cairo-0.10.5.tar.gz on this server."

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