I use drag_begin to start a drag with a TreeView. I do this in the mouse
motion event in order to implement multiple row drag and drop. If the row
or rows are dropped on something that isn't a valid drop, the spot on the
row I was grabbing is now unable to be clicked to select the row. Not even
the whole cellrenderer is unclickable. Just a word or two in it. It's
really weird. If I move the row by grabbing another part of it, the row
that is now in the position of the row I moved is now unclickable in that
spot. Basically, this glitch is making a spot in a TreeView permanently
unclickable. When I try to select the row using the spot that is
unclickable, the callback I have for when a mouse press occurs doesn't even

Does anybody know how to solve this? I know it doesn't help without code.
It's pretty complex. All of the code for it is in the
 of the GitHub of my program.
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