As per a conversation with Allan and the Engagement Team on Friday, here is
the suggested amount of shirts to order from the local vendor you guys are
using (this is also in your spreadsheet, Allan):

BTC Activewear Orders

S 5
M 8
L 8
XL 4

If you all think Navy is too dark, we might also go with Royal Heather
but I think a dark, classic color is best.

*@Allan *- next steps are sending this to the vendor to see if we can order
in time.



On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 2:34 AM, Allan Day <> wrote:

> Nuritzi Sanchez <> wrote:
>> Attached is the t-shirt design for GNOME's 20th Birthday. It's white so
>> that you can put it on a color shirt.
> The monochrome design looks really good! However, I'm a little uncertain
> about the GNOME foot. It could be a bit much, visually speaking.
>> IIRC, the GUADEC team did not want to order more designs through the
>> local vendor. However, we wanted to have a few people wear them around
>> GUADEC so we could then point people out to buying them online or printing
>> them out locally for any 20th Birthday Parties for the actual day (August
>> 18th).
> I'm happy to ask our local vendor about producting these shirts. My
> initial reservation was in relation to selling them alongside the other
> shirts we have this year. Reasons for this:
>  * We already have quite a lot of shirts ordered, in four different
> designs. The more varieties of shirts we add, the fewer GUADEC shirts we
> will sell.
>  * 20th anniversary shirts are time-sensitive - if we order a lot of them
> and don't sell them, they become old stock very quickly.
>  * It's tricky ordering small numbers of shirts to sell, since you need a
> certain volume to adequately cover the range of sizes.
> However, I am also doubtful about doing a small run of shirts that
> wouldn't be for sale. It's unclear what the point would be. The reasons
> that have been given so far are:
>  * To give shirts to volunteers for the party
>  * To give as gifts
>  * To use as samples so we can sell the shirts online
> I find it hard to believe that we need volunteer shirts just for the party
> and I don't think we should be spending $175 on freebies. Likewise, I don't
> think we need physical shirts to drive online sales - we can use social
> media for that.
> Maybe we should revisit the idea of selling the anniversary shirts rather
> than giving them away.
>> *@Allan* - do you have contact info for Zazzle so we can update the GNOME
>> store <> with these designs?
> Historically, it was always Andreas Nilsson who managed the Zazzle store.
> We should probably make sure that the account is registered to an @
> email alias and listed on
> gement/Channels .
> *If we go with my vendor*
>> I have a vendor that I can order 25 shirts through for ~ $175 USD. Please
>> see the shirts that are ready to go here: CustomInk
>> <>.
>> Also previewed here:
> We're currently paying about £5.30 per t-shirt, which would translate to
> £132 for 25 shirts. However, the cost somewhat depends on the size range
> and the quantities.
> Allan

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