I might be misunderstanding, but it looks like I've hit some cases where
3.0 wants #:re-export-and-replace, and 2.2 rejects it, and I'd like
to create modules that work cleanly with both.

At first I imagined I might use cond-expand, but it won't work inside a
define-module form.  Another option might be a procedural
re-export-and-replace! that could be called conditionally after the

Yet another option might be to add #:re-export-and-replace to 2.2,
perhaps even as just an alias for #:replace (if that's adequate in 2.2),
but that has the disadvantage of requiring a 2.2 update, which decreases
it's appeal.

In any case, if I'm not misunderstanding, I'm happy to help work on
whatever improvement we prefer.

Rob Browning
rlb @defaultvalue.org and @debian.org
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