Mark H Weaver <> writes:

> Matthew Keeter <> writes:
>> I wrote a computer-aided design (CAD) tool that you may find interesting.
>> It’s a solid modeling tool that uses Guile scripts to define objects (and
>> constructive solid geometry + functional representations under the hood).
> Sounds very interesting!
>> Project page:
>> Source:
> The names 'ao' and 'libao' are already taken by a widely-used cross
> platform audio library.  See

Following up to myself: the problem here is that since 'ao' is already
taken, distributions wishing to include your package will need to invent
a new name.  It might be better for you to choose that new name, to
prevent a situation where each distro picks a different name, which
would be rather confusing for users wishing to install your package.

To make this more concrete, I would like to add your package to GNU
Guix, where 'ao' is the aforementioned audio library.  What name shall
I choose for your package?


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