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> Hi,
> On 10/11, Christopher Allan Webber wrote:
>> The default in Guile has been to expose a port over localhost to which
>> code may be passed.  The assumption for this is that only a local user
>> may write to localhost, so it should be safe.  Unfortunately, users
>> simultaneously developing Guile and operating modern browsers are
>> vulnerable to a combination of an html form protocol attack [1] and a
>> DNS rebinding attack [2].  How to combine these attacks is published in
>> the article "How to steal any developer's local database" [3].
>> In Guile's case, the general idea is that you visit some site which
>> presumably loads some javascript code (or tricks the developer into
>> pressing a button which performs a POST), and the site operator switches
>> the DNS from their own IP to  Then a POST is done from the
>> website to with the body containing scheme code.  This code is
>> then executed by the Guile interpreter on the listening port.
> You don't need to rebind DNS to exploit this bug, or other bugs like
> it. I wrote some details here:
> <>

Wow, this is great!

It's remarkable how you found ways to escape all this stuff in the code.
I really enjoyed this reading, thanks a lot for sharing!


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