Matt Wette writes:

> I think it will take me a while to make a release.

That's fine.  Although all my tests pass, I found that to compile mes.c
I need string-fold-right.  So I added that to Mes.

After that, tcc.c hangs while parsing.  Will have to investigate later,
for now I'm reverting to 0.80.42.

>> I added some tracing
>> to stderr.  Possibly you have a better way to do this, esp. the
>> NYACC_TRACE environment variable kludge...
> There is a #:debug option to the parser that provide a trace through
> the parsing.

Yes, I'm using that; great.

> And if you look in examples/nyacc/lang/c99/Tmach.scm there is code to
> show how
> to generate a file with parser states.


The NYACC_TRACE=1 feature is meant for users.  Parsing tcc with
Mes+MesCC currently takes ~1h (with Guile+MesCC only 40s), so printing
some minimal feedback to the user (e.g., al functions and global
variables) is helpful.

I'll try to change my patch to use something like

    #:trace '(function global)

similar to #debug.


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