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commit 182ef1d067828632017caa4e71a725206693ae87
Author: Andreas Enge <>
Date:   Wed Feb 14 21:33:47 2018 +0100

    guix-europe: Amend minutes of General Assembly 2017.
    * guix-europe/minutes/ga-20171219.txt: Add item for the Guix day in 
      which was voted, but forgotten in the minutes.
 guix-europe/minutes/ga-20171219.txt | 6 ++++++
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+)

diff --git a/guix-europe/minutes/ga-20171219.txt 
index b475bc5..d6ac573 100644
--- a/guix-europe/minutes/ga-20171219.txt
+++ b/guix-europe/minutes/ga-20171219.txt
@@ -31,3 +31,9 @@ Ricardo Wurmus
    Manolis and Andreas, the General Assembly has unanimously elected
    Christopher Baines, Ludovic and Ricardo.
+5) Support for the Guix day preceding FOSDEM
+   The General Assembly has unanimously voted for the proposal to support
+   the Guix day in Brussels preceding FOSDEM 2018 with at most 500€ for
+   renting the meeting room and a projector and for refreshments.

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