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 * Overview
-The Guix project maintains an Amazon Web Services 
([[][AWS]]) account to
-provide a Content Distribution Network 
([[][CDN]]) for the 
berlin build
-farm.  Our CDN is built using [[][Amazon 
+For a few months in 2019, the Guix project maintained an Amazon Web
+Services ([[][AWS]]) account to provide a Content 
Distribution Network 
+for the berlin build farm and Cuirass at  Our CDN was
+built using [[][Amazon CloudFront]].  
However, the CDN is no longer in
+service as of August 2019, and the AWS account described herein has
+been closed.
+The rest of this document describes how it was set up.  For that
+reason, the remainder of this document uses the present tense, but
+that is only because it was written as the CDN was being built.  You
+could follow this guide to revive the CDN, or to set up your own CDN
+independent of the Guix project, if you wanted to.
 We practice 
[[]["Infrastructure as 
Code"]].  Nearly all aspects of our AWS
 account are managed via [[][Terraform]].  The 
"terraform" directory contains

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